Anesthesia Injuries

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney

Stan Drinkwater and Ben Goldstein have over 60 years combined experiencesuccessfully representing clients with Medical Malpractice Injuries in New Jersey.
Ben Goldstein was recently awarded 2009 AWESOME ATTORNEY for MEDICAL MALPRACTICE Lawyer New Jersey. Our firm has represented clients who have suffered death, brain injury and awareness syndrome as a result of anesthesia errors.
We take great pride in representing our clients and will fight for their right to be fully compensated for this tragic and avoidable injury.

  • Choosing the right Anesthesia attorney can be a life changing decision. It is critical that you choose an experienced New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney and not just any attorney.
  • Most clients are unaware that cases are won and lost before they step into the court room. We know what it takes to win. Our Expert Legal Team and Medical Malpractice experts understand the complexities involved in Anesthesia Injuries.
  • We have successfully represented hundreds of clients who have suffered personal injuries. We will represent you against the insurance companies and in the courts.  We will use our expertise to see to it that the insurance companies honor their obligation to you and that you receive all of the financial compensation you are entitled to by law.
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Causes of Anesthesia Errors:

General Anesthesia, while a wonderful aid during a painful procedure can also result in devastating injury if not administered and monitored carefully. This is a multi-faceted discipline which requires detailed and continuous monitoring of drugs, fluids, and blood products administered, procedures undertaken and also includes the observation of cardiovascular responses, estimated blood loss, urinary body fluids and data from physiologic monitors. Much can go wrong, and sometimes it is the result of a failure to monitor closely and respond quickly.
Injuries resulting from Anesthesia Errors:

  • Death
  • Brain damage
  • Paralysis
  • Awareness Syndrome (where a patient wakes up during the surgery)

Insurance companies do not always act in your best interest. They are in business to make money. If you are involved in a Hospital or Medical Malpractice injury the insurance company will try to minimize the amount they will pay you, that’s what they are paid to do. Often that means they will offer far less than you are entitled to receive, depriving you of compensation you are entitled too.  We will aggressively represent your interests and make sure you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.  We understand what you are going through.
Our experienced legal team will review your case with you. Medical malpractice is complex in nature and determining and proving whether there was malpractice requires expertise. We will examine the hospital & medical records. We will review the care policy of the medical facility to determine if their policies have contributed to your injury. We will consult with the technical and medical experts necessary to support your claim. We know what it takes to negotiate a favorable Medical malpractice settlement and we know what it takes to win at trial in New Jersey Courts. We will be there with you, fighting for your rights.

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