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Slip and Fall Accidents

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Slip and fall events occur every day without fail. At some restaurant someone is going to slip and fall on a wet floor. In the winter, someone is going to slip and fall on ice that hasn’t been cleared from a parking lot. Slip and fall events can be difficult to comprehend and navigate. If you slip and fall at a mall, or a large shopping center, who is responsible? The store that you fell in front of or the owner of the shopping center. You might be surprised to hear that in a multi-tenant shopping center (like the Cherry Hill Mall), the responsible party is more than likely the owner of the Cherry Hill Mall. This is because most multi-tenant spaces have clauses in their lease which makes the owner responsible for the common areas, which is where most people would slip and fall. Common areas usually include the parking lots, walkways between stores, restrooms and other areas which the stores do not specifically lease (like entrances and exits). Blog: I live and work close to several highways and traveled areas, such as 295, Rt. 42, The NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney takes on Slip-and-Fall lawsuit and sues Union Forge

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Initially filed against the Solitude House Museum on River Road after the victim of a slip-and-fall injury caused by a leaf covered step hired a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney to handle his case. The managing company-  Union Forge Heritage Association (UFHA) the managing is now being sued as the victim suffered two fractured wrists and a cuts on his face.

To read more about this case, read the article provided by Camilla Somers, editor –

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Takes on Risperdal Case

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

This is an interesting case to follow as a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney works to try and use the fact that- Johnson & Johnson hid Risperdal Studies to Boost Drug Sales, to help win his personal injury case. The lawyer is representing a user of the drug who developed diabetes after taking the anti-psychotic medication for 14 years. The arguement is that the company, hid studies that pointed to the fact that one of the drug’s side effects was an increased risk for developing diabetes.


As a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney – I Stress the Importance of Attending your IME/DME Appointments

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

As a New Jersey personal injury attorney, we know that clients always struggle with making IME/DME appointments. These are “independent medical examinations” scheduled either by the client’s insurance company, or the defense. If scheduled by the client’s insurance company, failing to attend IME appointments, usually twice, can result in the insurance company denying all further PIP payments, potentially leaving the client without the ability to treat for their injuries. But how do you tell the client that they have to miss work to attend the IME, or that they have to miss a school function with their child to attend the IME? It is important for the office to explain why the IME is necessary, and what it means to the client. This way, the client understands why the IME is important, and they don’t miss the appointment, or make arrangements for it to be rescheduled.

How a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney Must Manage Expectations

Friday, January 20th, 2012

In most cases, the Plaintiff has never filed a lawsuit before, and has no idea what is going on, no idea why they have to answer these questions, and no real understanding of how the case will proceed. They don’t like hearing that the discovery process takes a long time, that for most personal injury cases, the discovery period in New Jersey is 300 days, and can be extended by consent or by filing a Motion for the Court to decide whether discovery should be extended. They don’t like to hear that it isn’t likely that if their case goes to trial it will actually occur on the first trial date, or even the fifth. They want instant results, and it is my job as a New Jersey personal injury attorney, along with the other people I work with, to manage expectations, and let them know that we do know how this works, and we can and will explain the process to them.